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Registered Brands
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Partner Satisfaction
Registered Brands
Managed Products
Partner Satisfaction

Your Feet On The Ground In Asia

citiesocial provides everything brilliant emerging brands need to succeed in Asia, without being here.
It's 100% free, just provide us with the pricing and we do the rest.

Frictionless Communication

Bypass language and cultural barriers with our English-speaking team.

Localize Your Brand

Effective localization of your brand across text, images, video and social.

Omni-channel Sales Planning

Holistic management of your online and offline sales and marketing through citiesocial's partnership network.

Cross-border Logistics Managment

We handle courier selection, import documentation, local market inspection, customs taxes, local warehousing and shipping.

Local After-sale Services

Full B2C and B2B customer support across Asia.

Sales Forecasting & Inventory Planning

Understand your brand's performance and how you can support future sales growth.

What Our Partners Are Saying

“We are now a few events in with citiesocial and have been impressed both with their efficiency and the ease with which they have introduced our products to their audience. We’ve had some great success over the past year, and hope to continue our partnership growth going forwards. Thanks to all the team at citiesocial.”
Nick Metcalf
“I have had a great experience working with citiesocial! Their team is really nice and easy to communicate with, and I was impressed with how much they sold in the first year and I am excited to continue my relationship with citiesocial.”
Avi Loren Fox
“citiesocial is a wonderful company to work with. They have helped our product Barehand gloves gain exposure in more markets. Fast, reliable & great team to work with.”
Raman Sekhon
“Thank you very much to citiesocial for giving us this sales opportunity. It was a great opportunity to get exposure to new markets.”
Isuzu Hatta

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